Why People Just Like YOU are getting excited to Master
How & Why (When People Buy)
Do you know why you're not able to sell more?
Do you know exactly what it is that is keeping you from success?
Do you know why you aren’t where you want to be yet?
We do.
I once was exactly where you are                  
                                and trust me it’s not your fault. 
Let me explain… 
I remember a few years ago.
I was sitting there in my living room, it was getting cold outside.
I was living in the middle of Ohio and my heat was cut off.
I couldn't afford it.
I'll never forget the day I was introduced to a simple concept that changed the way I viewed sales.
It was in this approach along with 2 very simple tricks in which allowed things to change.
A very short time later I found myself looking at my email in absolute disbelief.
The unthinkable happened.
A business partner and I decided to join in on a new launch.
We had exactly 1 week before the launch.
Applying these tricks and tweaks (that I’m going to show you), guess what happened;
On day number 7(launch day), the moment of truth was revealed to us.
We managed to get 500+ people to take action on the opening day of the launch.
As if that wasn't enough;
A few days later this same partner wondered if we had got lucky or if we could do it again.
This time the plan was to join an affiliate launch that was launching only 8 hours later.
I woke up the next morning to find my inbox filled with hundreds of messages from action takers;
They were emotional,
They were excited to see what they earned that night while they were sleep.
By the end of that week we had 3 Facebook groups full of action takers.
The sizes of these groups ranged from 400 people to 800 people and rapidly growing.

Ultimately this repeated success lead me to bafflingly ask these 3 questions:
1. How come almost no one else knew of these simple success tweaks that had generated so much success for us?
2. How come no one at all is teaching this?
3. What ARE people teaching ?
As it turns out almost no one is teaching this stuff because 
almost no one out there knows these secrets. 
When I went on a mission to find what everyone else was teaching, 
I became disheartened and enraged.
I found almost everyone teaching anything is teaching almost the same thing as everyone else. (whew tongue twister)
As it turns out the majority of what everyone else is teaching is junk.
Some of these people are scared to create competition.
The rest are just teaching what they know, which is scary. 
The few whom are teaching this stuff are charging up to $50,000 a month in coaching.

I looked at one of these topflight coaching programs and discovered that for $50,000
I would get 2 30-minute phone calls per month.
That is a whopping $833 per minute.
That made me ask myself;
How valuable is this information that people are willing to spend $600,000/yearfor 12 hours of coaching plus 2 weekend "masterminds" just to have access to it? 
This again left me discouraged and disheartened.
I felt there was no hope for those who really wanted to learn to sell
and reach the next level in their income, their business and their enterprise.
When I realized that 99% of the training out there was break-even level MLM training
I realized why it is most Entrepreneurs and small businesses fail.
Not only are those trying to build a home business paying for bad information but,
those in Sales that are not in MLM aren't getting any information.
I want to leave a legacy of change.
A legacy of hope.
A legacy of success.
Ghandi said to be the change you wish to see in the world.
This meant if anybody was going to help the people,
if I truly wanted to see change,
I had to get off of the sidelines and do something about it myself.
BUT There was one problem...
If, the going rate is up to $600,000/ year for 60 minutes a month...
Those whom need this information the most cannot afford to get the help they really need.
I wanted to create something so powerful it could help anybody, anywhere in any business yet,
priced so favorably everyone could do it.

The solution was one that took time to figure out.
Luckily for you this course was born. 
In this course I can promise you almost every barrier, question and concern if not every single one of them pertaining to sales will be covered. 
“Not mastering what's taught in this course is the equivalent of trying to drive a car without tires.”
Have you ever tried to fly on a plane that didn't have wings?
It doesn't make it very far when the wings are in good shape but the engine stops working.
Without wings the plane never really takes off.
I'm telling you right now, if you don't stop and take the time to get your wings properly installed
you may never be any closer to reaching your destination than where you've already accomplished.
I want to make sure you have the capacity to close the sales you need to close
plus the ones you just want to close.
Do you currently know why you're not able to sell more?
Chances are we know exactly why you aren't able to generate your magic number.

If all we simply did was answer your question of why you aren't able to succeed on your terms,
This Mastercourse would be drastically underpriced for the value you are receiving.
This course isn't about just solving the problems keeping you from getting exactly where you want to be.
This is about solving your BIGGEST problems and still letting you take "the other 90%" of the course. 
This course is about empowering you to dream as though you were a child again and actually accomplishing everything on your bucket list. 
This course is about building you up in ways you did not even know were possible in your craft
and propelling you to reach an entirely new level in the results you see.
If you stay exactly where you are today, I will understand and so will everyone else.
Never has anyone's understanding paid any of my bills or allowed me to take a vacation.
Never has anyone's understanding put food on the table or shoes on my feet.
It doesn't matter how much empathy lies out there for you and where you are.
What matters is simple: RESULTS.

Let's remove every barrier you have keeping you from the results you and I both know you're entitled to.

Once we remove those barriers let's show you a better, faster, more efficient way of accomplishing the dreams you didn't even know you had yet.
Learn why everything customers say is a lie,
and why not understanding how to properly get them to tell the truth is costing you your fortune.

Plus, we'll teach you how to stop spending your time putting your offer in front of the wrong people, 

and instead spend your time, energy and resources putting your product in front of those whom are most likely to…

want to give you money faster than you're in fact ready to accept it.

The only thing more important than understand why people buy, is understanding why they don't buy. Mastering this and getting out of your own way can transform your income by itself.

You don't know what you don't know, until you know you don't know it.
I honestly believe if you knew better you would do better.
It's time you know better, so you can grow better.
On the outside looking in one might say this course is designed to teach you how to sell most effectively. 

On the inside looking out, you understand calling this simply a course about sales might just be the understatement of the century.

In the future you might say seeing results from this course and the level of information within it are just as common sense as saying there is oxygen in water.

Your success and this information go together like boats on water.

This information is culmination of my spending the majority of my adult resources and time
travelling to, reading to, studying to, paying to, learning to acquire exactly what you're about to
grab ahold of and master and use to transform your life.

Thomas Edison said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
I wish I had only found 10,000 ways it didn't work. It was in this education process I found the appreciation of the understanding I am about to gift to you right here, right now.

Thomas Edison also said, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."

So, I'll once again say, if work scares you this is not for you.
I'm not promising this is going to be easy,
I'm promising this is going to be worth it.

Becoming successful is easy,
it's even easier not to thus most people won't accomplish it.
What I'm saying is...
Everyone wants everything Microwave,
but they know it tastes better Crockpot.
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